About Anupam Kher

As founder of this institution:

Anupamís voyage as an actor has taken him to several places in the world. Through these interactions and associations, he has developed a sensitivity towards the plight of destitute children in our country for whom enjoying their childhood becomes a luxury. Through this foundation, Anupam wants to give back to the society in several ways by working for the cause of these children.

This foundation is a tribute to these countless nameless children who lie all around us yet never too close for us to feel their pain. Through this journey, Anupam would attempt to bring happiness to the lives of children and ensure that they become agents of change in the society as they grow along the years.

Chairmanís Message

Chairman's Message : Anupam Kher Foundation

"I have had the best that this life could offer anyone and I am thankful to Almighty for where I stand today. Along this course of success I have always been moved by the abject poverty around us and how it affects the lives of children who fail to realize their innate potential and many a times become victims of various negative forces. At this stage of my life, I want to contribute towards a cause that I have always cherished in my heart.

My association with different children related agencies has introduced me to the power of innocence and honesty exemplied through simple acts of these children. I can't compare that experience to anything material that we acquire through our efforts. I can easily say that it has brought me closer to the spiritual dimension of this life.

With the help of well meaning individuals in the society, I would like to do my bit for the less fortunate children by making their lives more beautiful, more meaningful. As I embark on this voyage, I would like you all to get associated with me in this inner journey towards a better tomorrow for our country."